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Roselyn Recipe and Roselyn Bakery were started by the John Clark Family and have been a fixture in Indiana since 1943. The Clark Family built a wonderful bakery business in Indiana based on quality recipes, quality ingredients and perfection. The Clark Family elevated Roselyn Bakery to the best known name in the bakery business in Indiana.

In 2005 the Dias Family and the Mennel Family purchased Roselyn Recipe and Roselyn Bakery from the Clark Family. This purchased included all of the Roselyn Recipes and formulas previously produced by the Clark Family.

The Dias and Mennel Families established two Bakeries in St.Louis and one Bakery in Indianapolis to continue to produce these Original Recipes acquired in the purchase of Roselyn Recipe and Roselyn Bakery.

Current Roselyn Recipe offerings include Roselyn hand made Alligators and Sweetheart Coffee Cakes, Butter Pecan Danish, Zebra Squares, German Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge Brownies. Also, Roselyn Recipe Pecan Tea Cookies, Buttermilk Jumbles, Seasonal Holiday Cookies, and NOW Roselyn Canasta Cakes.

We invite to try some of our Original offerings at your favorite Supermarket and send us your comments regarding your purchase at www.RoselynRecipe.com.

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